2021 Annual Fall Art Show winners

Livingston Arts Association announces winners in their 2021 Annual Fall Art Show. Winners were honored at a reception on Sunday, November 14, at the Senior/Community Center.

Award of Excellence was presented to Elaine Denton for “5th Avenue and East 83rd”, Dr. Daryoush Houshmand for “Bouquet of Flowers”, Joan Wulff for “NYC Lights”, and Angela Wang for “Raging Waves”.

Honorable Mention was presented Deborah Herbert for “Roaring Brook”, Marilyn Kalb for “Let’s Go Swimming”, Linda Levitt for “America”, and Cindy Wolf for “Jazzy”.

The exhibit is on display until January , 2022, at the Senior/Community Center, Hillside Ave. The hours are daily when the Center is open.

Founded in 1959, the objective of the Livingston Arts Association, Inc., is to foster an appreciation of the fine and applied arts in Livingston and surrounding areas. The legacy of its founders has been carried on over the years through exhibitions, classes for adults and school children, demonstrations and workshops. We are proud of our heritage. We invite the public to attend our demonstrations and exhibitions, which you can find on either our facebook page or our website: livingstonartsassociation.org.

Back Row: Joan Wulff, Linda Levitt, Cindy Wolf, Deborah Herbert, Dr. Daryoush Houshmand Front row: Angela Wang, Marilyn Kalb, Elaine Denton
Joan Speare
Director of Communications
Livingston Arts Association