Minimalism: Why it Rose to Popularity So Quickly?

If we’re talking about decorating your home with something visually appealing, then paintings are the way to go. Be it a bedroom, reception area, or just about any space! Many modern paintings are popular because of their thought-provoking nature. In fact, many people value modern paintings according to how well they can spark a conversation with house guests or office clients. These paintings can open one’s mind to a new vision of the world, while others electrify the emotions, while other ones simply set a style for a room. Not only can these paintings be appreciated for their beauty, some are also sound investments that may offer great resale value.


Abstract Art

Abstract art refers to a style of painting that does not use objective reality as a reference. Instead, the artist alludes to his or her subject and reduces it to a simplified form. Colors and shapes are used to portray emotions and the landscape of one’s inner world. Listed below are the various kinds of abstract art styles that have emerged.


Surrealism is a modern painting style that collides and compares various images together to give a startling effect. The images in these paintings are often illogical and have a dream-like quality about them. Surrealist paintings emphasize the subconscious. Among the popular Surrealist painters are Salvador Dali, Max Ernst, Valentine Hugo, Joan Miro, and Toyen.



Abstract Art

Abstract art is a modern art style where the artist believes that concept i(or the idea) is more important than artwork itself. Many Abstract artists believed that while they conceived the work, it is completed by the viewer. In fact, many types of Abstract art are only a set of instructions. It is rare to find this type of art to just be a painting, as it often incorporates elements of sculpture and installation. Marcel DuChamp, Yoko Ono, Yves Klein, and Robert Rauschenberg are some of the famous Abstract artists

Pop Art revolved around mundane subjects like comic books, advertising, celebrities, and other objects found in the everyday. Samuel Hamilton

Pop Art

Pop Art paintings occurred as a reaction to abstract expressionism, which mid-1950s British artists believed was art that was far-removed from daily life. Pop Art revolved around mundane subjects like comic books, advertising, celebrities, and other objects found in the everyday. It was a return to realism and representation in art. Prominent artists in this field include Jasper Johns, Andy Warhol, Tom Wesselmann, and Wayne Thiebaud, among others.


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