Summer 2020 update


Greetings from your Board of Directors,

We hope everyone is well, safe and enjoying this beautiful weather. And we also hope you have been able to spend some time being creative.

To bring you up to date on the status of classes, we received an email from the Township of Livingston informing us that the building is still closed. All indoor summer classes including art classes have been cancelled. There is currently no word of when the building will be open again. As soon as we hear officially, we will notify everybody.

An update on Deb Kapernick from her husband, Eric: She is in rehab at Kessler, Saddlebrook. According to her husband she is in good spirits and looking forward to her recovery. Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers. Deb, her husband and family appreciate all our support.

Since we still cannot get together in class, how about keeping in touch here through our website? Tell us how you are surviving this pandemic, what you are doing to be creative. Email to And we will publish your news here.

I’ll start it off because I had a very significant quarantine birthday. We celebrated all week with two birthday parties to be socially correct. The biggest and best surprise was that my son and two grandchildren came down from Massachusetts. I’m doing three zumba classes given by the Livingston Community Center and one Memoire Writing class given by Chatham Senior Center.

Let’s hear from you. Stay well and safe.


Joan Speare